Pipe Relining

Introducing the 'no dig' solution for reparing and renewing broken sewers

Pipe Relining

Innovative, Trenchless, Non-Evasive Technology

WATERGATE is now one of 5 licensees in South Africa to bring this innovative, trenchless, non-evasive technology to all residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal pipeline reticulations of any complexity and size.

See the effects of pipe relining



In the past, the only way to fix broken drains and burst water pipes was to dig them up and replace the damaged sections. The trouble is, this creates a huge mess and disruption to your home or business. Not to mention the cost of restoring your property and landscaping to its original condition. Thankfully WATERGATE now offers a simple, quick and reliable alternative: TRENCHLESS PIPE RELINING. It's the 'no dig' solution for repairing and renewing broken sewer and corroded pipelines without the need for disruptive and invasive excavations.


  • Multi-Tenant / Family Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Universities & Schools
  • Retirement & Nursing Facilities
  • Hotels, Resorts, & Casinos
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial
  • Single Family Homes
  • Fire Suppression
  • Historical
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